Sabbatical Resources

Here you will find the various workshop resources used, along with pictures from the Sabbatical week.

Student Guidebook

This guidebook was given out to all students in order to inform them of their tasks

Podcasts and Vodcasts

Presentation on how to produce a Podcast and Vodcast:

Podcast Examples

Here are some podcasts that you can view to gain new insights and ideas.

Formal, informative podcasts

BBC - Homeplanet
BBC - Great Lives
BBC - Point of View

Informal podcasts

Mr Brown - Bak Chor Mee

Mr Brown - Exam Stress

Song-based podcasts

We live in Singapura

Anti-smoking Ad

Mr Brown - Pok Kai Face

Vodcast Examples


Children see

Touching commercial

The Noose

Weird Condominium Names

Pirated DVDs/CDs

Indecent orientation games