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Introduction to Issue
Singapore’s two casinos, Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, have been open since 2010. Despite being only one of the many recreational attractions offered in the Integrated Resorts, the casinos are not only integral to the Integrated Resorts’ commercial success, but are also its most controversial attraction.

The opening of the casinos represents a turn-around in Singapore’s long-standing condemnation of gambling; in the past, legal gambling was restricted to horse racing, soccer betting, and lotteries. Over the years, such forms of gambling have become ingrained into Singapore society, to the extent of gaining widespread social acceptance. Some contend that the casinos just provide Singaporeans with another legal avenue for gambling no different from existing ones. Social commentators, however, have raised the possibility of rising gambling-related social problems such as problem gambling, addiction, gambling-related crime and broken families. Others were concerned about the proliferation of related vices such as prostitution and drug dealing.

In response, the government has introduced measures to contain and combat possible social ills, although the severity of its response is constrained by the need to protect the casinos’ ability to do business.

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