Introduction to issue

In July 2008, Singaporean retail magnate Tang Wee Sung was revealed to have attempted to buy a kidney for $300,000 from an Indonesian man. He was fined $17,000 and sentenced to one day’s jail. The would-be donor, Sulaiman Damanik, was jailed for three weeks. Wang Chin Sing, the man who arranged the meeting between the two, received the heftiest sentence of fourteen months jail.
This case sparked off a furious public debate on the morality of legalizing the trade in organs. Many people lambasted Tang, a prominent local businessman, for using his personal wealth to break the law and secure an organ for himself. Others defended him, saying that this was merely a last-ditch attempt to save his own life. Tang is diabetic and had been on dialysis for a year. His diabetes is complicated by heart problems; doctors had given him less than five years to live.
Should Singapore legalise organ trading? Why or why not?
Explore the social, economic and ethical issues of this matter.


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