Updated Curriculum 2011

Here you will find information regarding the school's Current Affairs Programme.

The Current Affairs (CA) Programme is currently in effect for all students. The course consists of two parts - the Reading Programme, and the CA Assessment. This unconventional assessment takes the form of one of three modes: an interview (for Sec 1s), a panel discussion (for Sec 2s) or impromptu public speaking (also known as 'In the Line of Fire', for Sec 3s). Students are put through the programme to test their ability to articulate their views, and demonstrate independent, critical thinking.

Assessment is currently in effect for Secondary 1 to 3 students. Secondary 4 students participate in panel discussions, but they are currently not assessed on their performance. Come 2012, all four levels at High School will be assessed in Current Affairs.

The Reading Programme

The Reading Programme is designed to inculcate healthy reading habits in our students, and expose them to the world about them as much as possible. Everyday of every week in the school term, students are provided with subscribed reading material to broaden their horizons of knowledge and experience.

This is a schedule of the subscribed material, by day of the week, as well as a schedule of current affairs sessions for 2011:

Reading Programme Patrol Duties for Teachers:

Oral Communications Overview



Oral Communications & Current Affairs 2011 (Secondary 1 - 3)

Following the successes of CA assessment in 2010 and feedback from students and teachers, CA assessment in 2011 has been slightly revised and expanded to include the Sec 3s. The PowerPoint slides uploaded summarise the highlights of this year's CA structure.

Current Affairs Assessment Deployment for Teachers:

This is the schedule for the whole of 2011, mapped out by term.

Discussion Topics

These topics have been launched for discussion in the Wikispaces discussion forum. Visit the pages below for more details.

Budget 2011

Dr Susan Lim's Case



Secondary 1 - Oral Interviews

The briefing slides for Sec 1s and interview assessment rubrics have been uploaded.

Teachers can view videos for the Interview Assessment at http://hcivod.hci.edu.sg/VoD.aspx

The Sec 1s will be participating in Panel Discussions before doing mock interviews in preparation for assessment. Details about the Panel Discussion have been uploaded here.

List of Student Panellists for Panel Discussion

Secondary 2 - Panel Discussion

The briefing slides for Sec 2s and assessment rubrics have been uploaded.

Details about the Panel Discussion have been uploaded here. More will be uploaded in time to come.

Secondary 3 - In the Line of Fire

The briefing slides for Sec 3s and assessment rubrics have been uploaded.

Secondary 4 - Panel discussion

The observer's scoresheet has been uploaded.