2012 Latest Updates

The summary of a few 2012 big stories you should never miss:

Local News

- Ministerial Pay Debate: Is the high ministerial pay justified? It exacerbates Singapore's income gap, which is already rather wide. Are the proposed pay cuts enough?
- Hougang By-elections: The various controversies surrounding the Workers' Party did not prevent it from having its sixth straight election victory.
- Protests against Bishan Nursing Home: Plans to construct a nursing home at Bishan Street 13 sparked debate between concerned residents. Is this a resurfacing of Singaporeans' Not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) Syndrome?
- Public Service Ethics: Recently, many misdeeds are committed by public servants, who are supposed to be stewards of public interest.
- Funding religion: Misappropriation of funds from the founder of CityHarvest Church has led to mixed reactions. What can we do to prevent such happenings from occurring again?
- Singapore's education system: There have been calls to scrap the PSLE due to 'excessive stress' from the competitive nature of the examination. What exactly constitutes a holistic, all-rounded education for our young ones?

Regional News (South-East Asia, Asia)

- Bo Xilai scandal: How did a rising political star fall? The political drama is unfolding before everyone'e eyes.
- Myanmar's Road to Reform: Now that the stage is set for greater democracy, will Myanmar be able to cope with it?

International News

- SOPA/PIPA: The debate between piracy concerns and web freedom is still ongoing
- The Syria Uprising: President Assad declaring war on its own people - this is one of the worst humanitarian crisis in history.
- Europe's Debt Crisis: The debt crisis is worsening, with the presidents supporting austerity measures being ousted by their own people.
- Anti-Muslim Film: The issue of respecting our differences in race and religion came up again when a video, entitled 'Innocence of Muslims' was released on YouTube.
- America's Elections: President Obama wins four more years and America delivers decisive verdict. How will this affect us?