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Here you will find resources relating to recent events that have occurred this year. We have compiled a variety of articles, video broadcasts, critical reviews and student podcasts to facilitate critical discussion of the below events. To find out more about each current affair, please click on the panels below.

Local News

Problem Gambling in Singapore (11 February 2011)
Budget 2011 (18 February 2011)
Tiger Mum (28 February 2011)

Regional News

Disaster in Japan - Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Fallout (17 March 2011)

Global News

Arizona Shootings (18 February 2011)
Chaos in Libya (1 April 2011)
Operation Neptune Spear (10th July 2011)

2011 Latest Updates

2 July 2011

In view of recent news about Dr Susan Lim, we would like to invite students to engage in an intellectual debate with your fellow schoolmates on the medical profession, medical ethics and professional fees. The best entries on the forum, which should be balanced and well-substantiated, will be awarded Credit Points!


17 March 2011

external image img_606X341_1303-japan-eartquake-tsunami-Miyako.jpg

Japan has been badly affected by the triple-whammy of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear fallout, the country's worst natural and man-made disaster since World War II. Get the latest information on the disaster in Japan here!


16 March 2011

The Budget 2011 Discussion Forum competition has come to an end, thank you to all who participated! We are currently in the process of assessing the entries for Credit Points and will announce the winners and the number of Credit Points awarded shortly.

10 March 2011

The deadline for the Budget 2011 Discussion Forum competition has been extended to Wednesday 16 March! Please continue to contribute to the lively discussion on the forum!

23 February 2011

external image 1298015403.jpg

The government released this year's Budget on 18 February 2011. This year's budget aims to tackle rising costs and strengthen society. Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has announced $6.6 billion worth of Budget goodies, a bonanza for the people and the most generous Budget in recent years. What are the benefits that have been unveiled, who are the beneficiaries and what do various sections of society have to say about the government's bumper crop?

We have launched new threads on the Discussion Forum about the Budget, please visit and engage in an intellectual debate with your fellow schoolmates and even with the Current Affairs team. The best entries on the forum will be awarded fantastic prizes such as book vouchers! Credit Points for English Language / Languge Arts or Integrated Humanities subjects will also be awarded!


18 February 2011

Singapore's Budget for this year is set to be released at 3.30pm today. Pay attention to the details of Budget 2011, as announced by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, and be prepared to discuss this on the Wikispaces and during Current Affairs lessons. Visit to learn more about what the Budget is about, and for live commentary about the Budget as it is being announced.

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17 February 2011

All relevant documents for the Current Affairs assessment for Sec 1s and 3s this semester are now on this website, in the Curriculum section. Check them out!

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