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2014 Latest Updates

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2013 Latest Updates

The summary of a few big stories you should never miss:

Local News

Population White Paper – The population projection of 6.9 million people in 2030 raises concerns among Singaporeans.
Tampines road accident – A tragic road accident reveals problems with road safety and the irresponsible behaviour of some netizens.
Budget 2013 – A summary of the Singapore Budget 2013.
Concerns over Adam Lambert's concert – A concert by American singer Adam Lambert caused a minor furore over its performance venue.
The value of Literature – Is Literature important?
Civil service pay review (2013) – The results of the pay review for senior civil servants.
Arrest of Singaporean cartoonist – An popular online cartoonist was arrested and investigated for committing offences under the Sedition Act.

Regional News (South-East Asia, Asia)

North Korean nuclear test – The recalcitrant North Korea tested a third nuclear weapon, threatening the stability of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.
New Delhi gang rape – The brutal gang rape of an young Indian woman shocks the world and exposes the widespread discrimination Indian women face daily.
Sabah standoff – The dispute over Sabah is under the spotlight again as hundreds of Filipino gunmen illegally entered Malaysia and battled Malaysian forces.
Myanmar unrest – Clashes between Buddhists and Muslims threaten to undermine Myanmar's reforms.
Novartis drug patent lawsuit in India – The issue of drug patents and the access to medical drugs for the poor.

International News

Connecticut school shooting – After the horrendous shooting of school children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, can America work to prevent gun violence?
Resignation of the Pope – Pope Benedict XVI becomes the first Pope to resign in 600 years.
Russian meteor strike – A meteor strike demonstrates the vulnerability of Planet Earth to large space objects.
Obama's second term – The road ahead for President Obama as he enters the second term of his presidency.
EU cap on bankers' bonuses – Will cutting the bonuses of bankers curb excessive risk-taking?
Arms Trade Treaty – The most significant arms control pact signed in the recent years.
Social media and the Boston Marathon bombings – How the social media was (mis)used in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

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