A concert by American Idol winner Adam Lambert was recently put under the spotlight as the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) received a complaint regarding the performance.

The concert was scheduled to be held at the Star Performing Arts Centre, “a commercial entity fully owned by Rock Productions, the business arm of New Creation Church”. The complaint stated that there might be a conflict of interest since the “the gay lifestyle may be promoted at the concert, and that the concert venue is owned by a church”.

Furthermore, the Media Development Authority (MDA) also revealed that it had received feedback from members of public expressing concerns about the concert, but it the authority did not elaborate on the claims.

New Creation Church said that the arts centre operates its business independently from the church and the centre does not “discriminate between religious groups, institutions or organisations”. However, the church also stated that events held at the centre should not mean that the church approves “its artistic presentation or endorsing the lifestyle of the performer”.

The MDA gave the concert an “Advisory 16 and above rating” as the concert may have materials unsuitable for younger audiences. However, audience under the age of 16 were still allowed to attend the concert, since the rating is advisory and not binding.

In his interview with the press, Adam Lambert said that his concert does not “promote any lifestyle except the lifestyle of love, acceptance, positivity, joy, connection”.

In the end, the concert was held at the stated venue on 8 March without any complications.

Previously, the MDA also met with NCSS to discuss concerns over Lady Gaga’s concert in May last year, as “she may have insulted Christians and promoted homosexuality at her concert”.

Thinking question
1. Should the content of a concert be regulated or censored due to the personal life or views of the performer? Why?

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