2010 FIFA World Cup- A success story or farcical show

By YuYang /
Posted: 25 August 2010 0930h

South Africa has successfully hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup and everything proceeded smoothly. The country has spent billions trying to organise such a massive event. Facilities such as high class stadiums, airports and lots of construction projects were carried out.This news project by the " Five Leaf Clover" newsgroup will investigate whether the 2010 FIFA World Cup is a success story or a farcical show.

The FIFA World Cup opening ceremony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj7svEF0u7Y


History of the FIFA World Cup

By Yiwen Wong/ Posted: 25 August 2010 0954h

First World Cup started in 1930, held once every four years except for 1942 and 1946 because of the WW2. so far out of the 19 world cup finals, eight different countries have become winners of the world cup. England, France, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Brazil who is the country with the most wins, and Spain, the current world cup champions. The world cup is the most widely watched sporting event in the world, with more than 17 million viewers watching the finals of the 2006 world cup in Germany. Between 1934 and 1978, 16 teams were allowed to take part in the world cup finals. But in 1982, it expanded to 25 teams and in 1998, 32 teams.

The Benefits and Consequences of the World Cup

By Yu ZhuoXin/ Posted: 25 August 1030h

This World Cup makes more money than any in the history of the event. Meanwhile, it is also the most expensive world cup. For South Africa, the meaning of World Cup is far beyond the football. This World Cup stimulates the increases of South Africa’s economy. Actually, it will leave South Africa with more than a few new stadiums and happy memories, citing the new roads, rail and bus networks that have been built, as well as the airport terminals and hotels. Then there is the innovation and development of the nation's broadcasting and technology infrastructure.

After the World Cup, South Africa can apply to host the Olympics.
the Olympics could be hosted by the country in the near future following a fine showing with the greatest show on earth. Because of the success of 2010 World Cup, South Africa has proved its ability and ambition to bring the Olympics to Africa for the first time.
There is also economic growth in the country.
There are also consequences of the World Cup.
Enlarge the gap between the poor and the rich
Although the World Cup brought a lot of revenues to the South Africa government, the poor did not benefit a lot from it. In fact, most of the money is distributed to the government officers, therefore. the majority group in South Africa is still quite poor.

more tricks cases
Some people exploited the World Cup to benefit themselves. During the World Cup, as there were a lot of secretly gambling games during world cup, the number of trick cases increases rapidly.

Spread of AIDs
In this month, a lot of prostitutes who wanted to exploit this opportunity to earn some money from entered the South Africa. As a country with a large number of AIDS infected people, it is rather dangerous if South Africa does not conduct proper methods. Unfortunately, South Africa underestimated the situation and it may cause the number of AIDS infected people increases worldwidely


By Yu ZhuoXin/ Posted 25 August 2010 2207h

Beyond football

In public opinion, the 2010 South Africa World Cup is quite successful. Actually, I think the 2010 South Africa world cup is beyond football itself. It is the first time for Africa to hold the world cup. Though some people and experts doubted South Africa’s ability to hold it successfully, it has proved that Africa also has ability to hold major events. Maybe in the future, the Olympics would be hosted in Africa.

As the world cup is no longer a football festival for football fans all over the world, it has other deeper meanings to South Africa.
This World Cup stimulates the increases of South Africa’s economy. Actually, it will leave South Africa with more than a few new stadiums and happy memories, citing the new roads, rail and bus networks that have been built, as well as the airport terminals and hotels. Then there is the innovation and development of the nation's broadcasting and technology infrastructure.

Meanwhile, we also need to realise the unsuccessful parts of this World Cup. Compared to pervious World Cups, we must say that despite the South Africa government has spent a lot of time and money in upgrading traffic, the traffic jam is still a major problem in South Africa. Also, World Cup stimulates the development of gambling and black trades in South Africa.
As a World Cup which makes more money than any in the history of the event, is also the most expensive world cup. It is hard to say that how much South Africa has benefited and it has lost. However, there is no denying that this World Cup is far beyond the football.

Impact of the FIFA World Cup on South Africa

By Sheu Xiang/ Posted: 25 August 2010 1000h

Due to the World Cup, South Africa experienced both positive and negative consequence of the game.

South Africa experienced a boost in tourism and increase in consumer spending. As preparations for the World Cup, there were development of new roads and facilities and there was also an increase of security temporary in South Africa.

However, many South Africans were forced to move out of their homes because of the construction of the facilities and roads. There was also an increase of illegal gambling during the world cup. After the world cup, a lot of money was required to maintain the stadiums and it is a waste of money.

The positive impact of the World Cup on South Africa are only temporary but the negative impact will burden both the country and the people.

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A success story?

By YuYang/ Posted: 25 August 2010 1100h

The FIFA World Cup can be seen as a success story. South Africa is a third-world country but yet they can produce so outstanding results of the World Cup. A third world country generally does not have the same level of security, technology and education as compared to a first or second world country. To be able to host the world cup and finish the preparations for it is truly remarkable. The facilities do not come cheap and cost about a billion. Many construction projects were carried out all over the country and massive stadiums were built for the football games. During the World Cup, there were no threats threats to security such as terrorist attacks or violence among the spectators. There were some minor violence cases among the spectators but they were resolved peacefully. For South Africa to engage the whole world with its enthusiasm for football and the preparations the country made is just fantastic. The purpose of the world cup was to let countries all around the world to gather their best football players and play football together. Thus, the 2010 FIFA world cup can be seen as a success story.

A farcical show?

By YuYang / Posted : 25 August 2010 1100h

The World cup is one of the events that the whole world celebrates with. Besides the Olympics, the World Cup is seen to many as the next most important sports event. The World Cup requires facilities of the highest standard and hosting it is no child's play. South Africa has spent billions of dollars in preparations for the world cup and the amount of money spent is not surprising at all. The World Cup besides being a beautiful football game between many countries, it is also an advertisement which countries showcase their talent in football and their wealth. South Africa is not a very wealthy country yet it choose to host such an expensive event. The FIFA World Cup is not just some cheap sports event and South Africa, by hosting it caused the economy to be in danger. After the world cup, all the facilities need to be maintained and the maintenance cost is not expensive that it will cause the country's economy to be even more dangerous. Thus, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is just a farcical show.

Script for the podcast

By Sheu Xiang / Posted : 25 August 2010 1030h

There has been a long debate on whether South Africa hosting the World Cup is a boon or bane. Many people agree it is successful and has benefited South Africa but some believe it was bane for South Africa. South Africa has poured billions of money into the construction of roads and the stadiums. Not only this, to accommodate the tourists that will be coming to South Africa, more money has to be spent to build transports links and building hotels for these tourist. To make space for all these facilities and stadium, many citizens of South Africa have to be relocated and moved to some impoverished areas. The money spent outweighs the temporary economy benefits to South Africa. South Africa can better spend the money on some major problem in their country. South Africa has problems with health, housing and education. The government should spend money on these problems first before going into major events such as the World Cup. Even though the country will have an increase in the number tourist and would be earning money, the government will probably spend more money in organising this event. After the World Cup, South Africa has to maintain the stadiums and to maintain them, millions of dollars have to be spent. This shows that South Africa was more of a bane than a boon.
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Podcast( Original)

By YiWen/ Posted: 25 August 1100h

An original podcast

The Board Game

By Tan Jing ling/ Posted: 25 August 2010 1054h

This will be the design of our board game but there will be more improvements to it so stay tuned to it !

1) RRules
· 2 or 4 players can play.
· Choose a continent, Africa, America, Asia or Europe.
· Start from the corner of the board, the continent you chose. That corner is your base.
· Start with 4 soldiers, 1 tank and $2000.
· Each player rolls a dice. The player with the highest number starts first. The player with the lowest starts last.
· All forces can only move in the clockwise direction.
· Extra bases can be set up anywhere except on the
· Forces can be summoned from any of these bases.
· Forces have to enter any opponent’s cube in order to win.
· Once the player’s cube is attacked, that player loses.
· When any force land in the same square as another opponent’s force, both forces have to fight. Players roll a dice for soldier, 2 for tank, and 3 for airplane. The player with the higher number wins and destroys the opponent’s forces.
2) AArmy
· Soldier (moves 1 square per turn)
· Tank (moves 2 squares per turn)
· Airplane (moves 5 squares per turn)
3) QQuestions
· Question cards on random points
· If answer correctly, draw a card from the “Right” deck (reward)
· If answer wrongly, draw a card from the “Wrong” deck (punishment)
· “Did you know?” cards are also placed on random squares, and they are hints for the questions.
4) ..Money
· Start with $2000/ current affairs quiz to determine
· $1000 for a base (can directly “summon” forces from base)
· $200 to take over other base
· $200 for a soldier
· $400 for an tank
· $800 for an airplane
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